“The mechanic is the message” Brenda Brathwaite

“Perhaps the souls of our games are not to be found in ever-better accelerometers and infrared sensors, but in the way they invite players to respond to them.” Ian Bogost sobre el trabajo TRAIN de la diseñadora de juegos Brenda Brathwaite

The object of this game is to load yellow people tokens into boxcars and to move them from one end of the track to the other. Players roll dice to add passengers and move trains forward, and they draw cards to execute other actions, such as switching tracks, damaging a train, and derailing. Terminus cards on each track reveal each train’s destination at the end of the game: Auschwitz, or another Nazi concentration camp.

lee aqui el articulo de Ian Bogost en Gamasutra sobre la carrera por el realismo en las interfaces gestuales (gesto como accion literal) en detrimento del gesto como significado.

Como expondra Soren Johnson (Designer & Programmer, EA Maxis) en la Game Developers Conference en marzo “A game’s theme does not determine its meaning. Instead, meaning emerges from a game’s rules – the set of decisions and consequences unique to each one. What does a game ask of the player? What does it punish, and what does it reward? What strategies and styles does the game encourage?”


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