YOCTOBIT takes part of a new book about sustainable cultural projects

MÚSICA PARA CAMALEONES / El Black Álbum de la Sostenibilidad Cultural (Music for Chameleons, The cultural sustainability Black Album) is a catalog of great successes in cultural practices that seeks to go beyond its original purpose of inventory to suggest a new way of developing projects. A gathering of diverse voices that are presented as a way to understand what has been done and what is being done today in Spain about innovative cultural production and management practices .

We take part of this project as well as an amount of interesting other groups:  Inteligencias Colectivas / Curators’ Network / Bookcamping / Lab Latino / Red TransIbérica / Utopic_US / La Tabacalera / DentroFuera / Campo Adentro / Ingràvid / desdelamina.tv / OFF LIMITS / ColaBoraBora / Goteo / Left Hand Rotation / La Más Bella / C.A.S.I.T.A. / derivart / Transductores / Hipo_Tesis / Pedagogías Invisibles / In-Sonora / ZEMOS98 / Debajo del Sombrero / Conexiones Improbables / Think Commons / Yoctobit / Úbiqa / Todo por la Práxis

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