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THEY ARE, a party audio-game about temptation

THEY ARE a party audio-game about temptation by

THEY ARE a party audio-game about temptation by

Nacho Pintos & Lara Sánchez Coterón just finished the design of the YOCTOBIT brand new game, titled THEY ARE. This party audio-game has been selected as finalist in the  Bosch Art Game International Pitch Competition, which gives them the opportunity to develop their proposal into a playable prototype. This prototype will be shown in Holland next summer at the Museum of Contemporary Art ’s-Hertogenbosch as an art installation.


In a world of shades, do you dare to open your eyes? Tiny creatures are trying to exhort you with right and wrong advices. Will you follow their hints, or listen to your inner voice? THEY ARE is a party audio-game of intuition and reflexes about yielding or not to temptations, for 5 to 12 players.

Through audio landscapes and spoken-voice characters the game provides enough sources to the player to create some enigmatically beautiful imagery and enjoy some sort of arcane experience. The action is driven by audio cues that come up from the mobile to each player’s headphones, but the game actually happens in the physical space out of the devices, and mainly in the players’ minds.

Although each player plays against everyone else, every decision the player takes could affect himself positively or negatively in the long term, because in THEY ARE fate is reversible.

Ckeck out the Pitch Document:

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